WeVerify a product of Oversight-Inc


What WeVerify Provides

WeVerify provides a variety of customized solutions that confirm important actions and/or observations were performed.

For every verified task, WeVerify reports - Who, What, When, and Where. You provide the Why!

WeVerify permits managers to monitor specific task performance (did it start? when started? where started? when completed? equipment used? etc.)

WeVerify helps managers maintain an easy to recover record of verification checks and inspections (maintenance, safety, regulatory, warranty, etc.).

What the years have taught us.

  • Every client is different.
  • Data collection must be easy and reliable.
  • Smartphones greatly enhance the real time value and capability of the service.

What We Do

WeVerify solutions are routinely customized to support each client's specific collection and reporting requirements. 

Several existing solutions are briefly described below.

Property/Facility Management Checker

Property/Facility Management- These managers have a difficult job keeping up with all the checks they need to make. For example they need to check the actual condition of the property and equipment, the current status of those items and when they were checked. Just as important as making the check is recording and storing that information where it can be easily accessed and reported. (Who, When, Where (including GPS) and What was the condition and status.)

Service Solution

Service Solutions - All service companies want an accurate record of when employees arrived at their client's site, how long the job took to complete, the travel time between clients, the equipment that was used, and more.

Compliance Checker

Compliance Checker is similar to previous solution; however these checks are required by laws, established procedures, warranties, etc. Here the company needs to record a history of performance to satisfy a hard requirement.

Managed Service Solution

Managed Service Solution is the combination of all the above solutions. This is where a Management Company can use one approach to consistently manage multiple contractors at multiple locations.

WeVerify's solutions eliminate the need for assumptions, guesswork, or wishful thinking